Alcohol And Plastic Surgery, A Bad Combination

Plastic surgery in Mexico (or anywhere) includes risks when you undergo any surgical procedure and drink alcohol. Part of the pre-op instructions includes cutting down any alcohol ingestion.
Most surgeons would definitely not recommend it. Even if you feel like celebrating your body makeover! It is best to abstain from alcohol for at least two weeks leading up to your surgery and two weeks after the surgery.
There are known rates of post-surgery complications like bleeding and infection. It is best not to increase your chances of complications by drinking. There are 6 powerful reasons for why drinking alcohol straight after having plastic surgery is a bad idea.

Alcohol Can Increase Swelling

Swelling is common after a cosmetic surgery. Of course, that is only a temporary effect. you will want your body to return to normal as soon as possible so you can admire the results of the procedure. Drinking alcohol dilates the blood vessels, though, which causes your body to swell.
Drinking alcohol also dehydrates you. It makes you feel bloated, something you already know if you have been out and had ‘one too many’.
The body swells up trying to hold on to its precious water. The nose is especially susceptible to swelling after alcohol. If you have had rhinoplasty, chasing it with a cocktail is not going to do you any favors.

Alcohol Can Increase Bleeding

Alcohol impedes the process of recovery. you will need adequate recovery time after any kind of cosmetic surgery. Alcohol thins the blood. It means that drinking it post-op is going to increase your risk of bleeding and increase your recovery time.

Alcohol Can Interfere with Medications

Combining some medications with alcohol include side effects. It can include nausea, vomiting, loss of coordination, fainting, drowsiness, and headaches. It can also put you at risk for difficulty breathing, heart problems and internal bleeding. This is not the case with all patients or all medications. But why take the risk? Especially when there are so many other things that can go wrong when you combine alcohol with post-op recovery.

Alcohol Can Make Post-Op Pain Worse

Drinking after plastic surgery is a bad idea. Many pain medications will not work the same if combined with alcohol. Since alcohol can also cause extra swelling and bleed, not having full pain relief is going to make you feel miserable. The combination can be dangerous too.

Alcohol Can Result in Vomiting

Overdo it and you might end up vomiting the following day. What starts out as ‘just one beer’ can easily become more. If you wake with your head spinning and stomach lurching, that is never a good sign. The anesthesia will already have lowered your vomiting threshold.
Throwing up just after having a tummy tuck and forcing those delicate stomach muscles to contract is going to be painful. The increase in blood pressure that happens with vomiting can lead to bleeding too.

How Long to Abstain from Alcohol Before a plastic surgery procedure?

At least 3 weeks before and after the surgery.
It is important to prepare yourself both mentally and physically for your upcoming surgery. Your body is going to experience a serious change.
Ensure you take every precaution to speed up the healing process while minimizing any negative reactions. Knowing the do's and don ts of cosmetic surgery is important. Having plastic surgery is a huge deal and you will want the best possible result. Combining alcohol with surgery is simply not worth the risk.