Arm Lift Surgery in Mexico

What is The Arm Lift Surgery?

The Brachioplasty is also known as Arm Lift Surgery or Arm Reduction Surgery.

The arm lift surgery will help reshape your arms. The cosmetic surgery procedure removes unwanted fat and skin from your underarms.

The arm lift surgery provides a new arm shape more thin and firm. No visible scars are left, as scars go hidden in the underarm.

before and after of an Arm Lift In Mexico

Arm Lift In Mexico Before and After

The Brachioplasty goes under IV sedation and local anesthesia. The board-certified plastic surgeon performs the arm lift surgery in approximately 3 hours. The procedure is performed inside an operating room. We have hospitals located in Cancun and Merida, in Mexico.

The arms reduction surgery is an outpatient procedure. After a few hours of observation after the surgery, you can go home to rest and recover.

Can You Combine The Arm Reduction Surgery With Other Cosmetic Surgery Procedures? Yes, the arm reduction surgery can be combined with surgeries like a tummy tuck or breast implants.

All the stitches after the Brachioplasty are removed after eight days. It is probable, that you could have some swelling the first couple of weeks.

Exercise can be retaken 3 weeks after the arm lift surgery.

You can not avoid scars during an arm lift surgery. Depending on each case, you will have a scar that will fade with time. The scar is only visible on the underside of your arm, where your skin was trimmed.

The final results of an arm lift surgery can be fully appreciated after a couple of months.

According to the ASAPS (American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), the arm reduction surgery cost in the United States is $7,800 US in average

What Exactly is Arm Lift Surgery?

A Brachioplasty, also known as an arm lift surgery is a cosmetic surgery procedure. The arm lift surgery will reduce the size of our arms, enhancing the look.

The Brachioplasty removes sagging skin which drops down under the arms. The size of the arms is also reduced through liposuction.

The plastic surgery on arms is one of the most demanded procedures here at our aesthetic surgery center.

The arm reduction surgery will tighten and smooth the supportive tissues of your arms. It will remove the excess fat ad skin of your arms. The Brachioplasty reduces localized fat pockets in the upper arms area.

If you feel self-conscious of your ‘bat wings’ or sagging arms, then the Brachioplasty could be a good choice for you.

Many people stop wearing sleeveless clothes because they feel embarrassed by their saggy arms. The arm lift surgery corrects the saggy arms. Patients that had this post-bariatric plastic surgery feel delighted with the results.

If you reached your ideal weight o might want to correct the sagging skin of your arms with a Brachioplasty. Patients that experienced massive weight loss often look for and arm reduction surgery.

An arm lift removes excess skin and tightens arm tissue. The result is toned-looking arms.

The arms can have droopy skin or a sagging look. The reason is weight fluctuations or aging. It is not possible to correct this problem with exercise. Exercise can improve the underlying muscle tone and strengthen it. But, the extra skin needs an arm lift surgery.

After the arm lift surgery, you will have a scar running from your elbow up to your armpit. This might fade a lot over time but it will never disappear completely.

It is impossible to predict exactly how the scar of the arm lift surgery will look since it varies from person to person.


Arm Reduction Surgery in Mexico

The surgery can take up to 3 hours from start to finish. The cut is done in the inner surface of the upper arm. From armpit to elbow, but it might be made on the back of the arm instead, in some cases.

During an arm lift surgery, the unwanted fat will is removed via liposuction. The fat is then suctioned out using a syringe or suction pump. The underlying muscle will be tightened with stitches to give definition and a toned shape to your upper arm.


What to Expect After the Arm Reduction Surgery?

The arm lift surgery recovery includes a drainage tube is usually left in the wound to help prevent fluid buildup.

The Brachioplasty recovery is easy. It offers long-lasting results. Although the scarring from an arm reduction surgery is permanent, it should almost fade over time.

Remember you can also combine this procedure with others, such as tummy tuck, breast augmentation, etc.


Arm Lift Cost

Cosmetic surgery costs in the United States are often out of the budget for many patients. Contact us and save almost 60% compared to the prices in the United States.