Breast Lift

The most common breast lift surgery is also called Mammary Mastopexy.

The surgery repositions the nipple higher on the chest wall. The Mastopexy will restore the volume and shape of your breasts that suffer from ptosis due to weight loss, nursing, age or genetics. The areola and the nipple will be moved to a higher position to create a younger and natural look.

If you want perkier and larger breast, then you need a breast lift with implants.

THE MASTOPEXY IS ALSO KNOWN AS Breast Lift or Breast Lifting Surgery.

WHAT IS A BREAST LIFT? A mastopexy is a plastic surgery procedure also known as a breast lift. The mastopexy surgery will help you restore the volume and shape of your breasts. The breast lift will fix the sagging due to maternity (nursing), genetics, or age.

This surgery can be necessary as well for patients that have lost an important amount of weight.

WHERE IS IT DONE: Cancun, Mexico.
LENGTH OF SURGERY: Approximately 3 hours.
HOSPITALIZATION: You will spend one night at the hospital for observation.

Anesthesia: General anesthesia

Post-op instructions and recovery: All the stitches from a breast lift will be removed after eight days. Drains are usually removed after the fourth day after the mastopexy surgery. You will have some swelling the first couple of weeks. Exercise can be retaken 3 weeks after the surgery.

Breast Lift Type Of Scars

Illustration showing breast lift scars

This is the way the nipple is repositioned with a breast lift.

It is impossible to avoid scars during a mastopexy surgery. Depends on each case, you will have a scar that eventually will fade. Final results can be seen after a couple of months.

Can I combine the Breast Lift with other surgeries? Yes. The mastopexy can be done with a tummy tuck, or thigh lift, or liposculpture.

Improve The Appearance Of Aging, Sagging Breasts with a breast lift surgery.

Aging impacts every part of the body, including a woman’s breasts. The breast lift surgery improves the bust line by raising the breasts to a higher position. It does not matter if it is for reconstructive or cosmetic purposes. The Breast lift before and after pictures show surgery results on breasts that look younger, with a perkier appearance.

Our board-certified top plastic surgeon in Mexico may use one of several mastopexy techniques to achieve the result desired by the patient.

In the most common form of breast lift surgery, an incision is made vertically. Underneath the breast and along the natural curve of the breast crease. A procedure using the doughnut technique involves surgical incisions made around the perimeter of the nipple.

Gaining A Perky Bust Line With a Breast Lift

As you age, your skin will lose its natural elasticity. This results in sagged and wrinkled skin on all parts of your body, including your breasts. There is a straightforward solution to this problem: a breast lift.

The Breast lift surgery is like a facelift, where the skin is tightened to regain a more youthful appearance. During the procedure a surgeon moves the breasts to a higher position on the chest, reversing the drooping caused by age.

About the Breast Lift Surgery Procedure

The procedure used depends on the current breast shape, the tissue present, and the results desired. In a standard procedure, the surgeon will create an incision around the areola. Then a vertical incision downward towards the crease of the breast where an extra curved incision is made. Keyhole and anchor-type incisions both proceed in this or a similar fashion.

Breast lift surgery goes under full anesthesia. The surgeon makes the incisions required by the specific procedure decided upon beforehand. Excess skin and tissues are removed via the incision sites before skin and nipple are lifted and repositioned. Shaping techniques will be included to give the breast a firmer profile.

Sutures will close the incisions. The initial stages of recovery will take a few days. During this time the patient will wear a surgical bra to support and compress the healing area.

Breast Lift And Augmentation With Implants

Breast lift and augmentation before and after pictures show a younger and perkier look on sagging breasts. Breast lift cost less in Mexico than in the United States. Contact us today for a to get a free quote!

The aging process affects the body inside and out. The skin of the breast loses its elasticity and suppleness while the tissue inside the breast becomes less full. Some women choose to augment their breasts at the same time as undergoing the above-described procedure.

With breast augmentation, the plastic surgeon places the implants underneath the pectoral muscle. The implants can also go beneath the mammary gland inside the breast. An augmentation performed along with a breast lift will increase cup size and improve the shape of the breast.

Breast augmentation with implants will benefit more the results of a breast lift. The implant is not as susceptible to the effects of gravity. Unlike native breast tissue, the implants will not change due to the aging process.

Benefits Of a Mastopexy

There are several benefits to having breast lift surgery. A woman receives a boost of self-confidence as a result of her surgery. Clothing will fit better. Women who have lost a significant amount of weight are likely to see sagging breasts regardless of their age. A mastopexy surgery can help correct the breast sagging.

Risks Associated With Breast Lift Surgery

A mastopexy is a safe and effective procedure. But like all forms of surgery, there is a degree of risk. Known risks of this surgery include:

  • Asymmetry of the healed breasts
  • Asymmetrical nipple placement
  • Altered sensation in the breast
  • Altered or loss of sensitivity in the nipple and areola.

Breast Lift Cost

If you decide to have your breast lift surgery at our center for plastic surgery here in Cancun, Mexico. You can expect to pay at least 60% less of what you might have paid for any breast lift in Dallas, for example.

Not only you will get premier medical care at the best hospital in the city of Cancun. Having cosmetic surgery in Cancun can help you save thousands of dollars. While your US surgeon while you recover a younger breast appearance.