Double Eyelid Surgery

THE BLEPHAROPLASTY IS ALSO KNOWN AS: ‘Eyelid Lift Surgery’ or known as well as ‘droopy eyelid surgery’.

Eyelid Surgery in Mexico

Blepharoplasty in Mexico


The usual Double Eyelid Surgery is a simple plastic surgery procedure that removes the extra skin and fat from the eyelids. Giving a fresher look and an optical effect that will make your eyes look more open. It is the removal of the extra skin and fat in your eyes that makes them look tired or droopy. That is why it is known as ‘droopy eyelid surgery’.

LENGTH OF SURGERY: Approximately 3 hours for both eyes.
HOSPITALIZATION: It is an outpatient procedure after a few hours of observation.

Anesthesia: Local and IV Sedation or general anesthesia when the Eyelid Lift is combined with other procedures such as a facelift.

Post-op instructions and recovery: All the stitches will be removed after eight days. You will have some swelling the first couple of weeks. Exercise can be retaken 3 weeks after the surgery.

Scars go hidden above the eyelid and can’t be seen. Depending on each case, you will have a hidden scar (that will fade with time, depending on each case). The final results will be seen after a couple of months.

Can I combine it with other surgeries? Yes! The Eyelid Surgery of Blepharoplasty can be combined with a facelift or a brow lift.

How Can a Double Eyelid Surgery Make You Look Younger?

Illustration shows an eyelid lift surgery

Get a younger look with an eyelid lift surgery

Many people want to look and feel younger. The blepharoplasty (also known as droopy eyelid surgery), it always helps. Eyelids are particularly known for showing signs of aging.

Drooping upper eyelids and bags under the lower eyelids can make people appear older than they feel. Droopy eyelids can also cause problems with vision.

A double blepharoplasty, or double eyelid surgery, is a low-risk facial plastic surgery. This cosmetic surgery can make people look and feel younger.

What happens during an eyelid lift surgery?

Durig a Blepharoplasty, excess fat and sagging skin will be removed from the eyelids. The muscle is trimmed to make eyes look brighter, more open and younger.

Sagging eyelids can be corrected with a Blepharoplasty. Eyelid surgery before and after pictures show satisfactory results. This is a good option for patients looking to get a fresher look at their facial expression.


Eyes are the focal point of the face. People focus on them in day-to-day conversation. Sagging skin around the eyes and eyelids can often show signs of aging that make people appear tired or old.

Our board-certified plastic surgeon will provide the best blepharoplasty results for each patient. A trip to Cancun can help assist in the healing process for optimal results. Speak with one of the patient coordinators for more information about eyelid surgery.

Double Eyelid Surgery Defined

The eyelid surgery cost much less in Mexico than in any state of the United States. It is a simple cosmetic procedure that enhances your facial looks.

The Eyelid surgery is a common outpatient cosmetic surgery. It can be performed on the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both sets.

The surgery consists of removing fat and excess tissue from the lower eyelids that form puffy bags under the eyes. Blepharoplasty on the upper eyelids removes sagging skin that can often interfere with a person’s line of vision. The surgery is a low-risk for the right candidates.

An eyelid lift surgery only takes one to two hours, and general anesthesia is not needed. Instead, local anesthesia and sedation will be used. We will ensure that patients do not feel pain during the procedure. Patients are sedated awake throughout the short duration of eyelid surgery.

How Upper Eyelid Surgery Works

Our plastic surgeon will make small incisions in the crease of the eyelid. This cuts any potential scarring by hiding the incisions in the natural line of the eyelid. Excess skin and tissue are removed, and the incisions are closed with tiny sutures. The end result is that the eyelid looks less puffy, the eyes look more open. Issues with skin interfering with the line of vision are addressed.

What is Double Eyelid Surgery?

The primary goal of lower eyelid surgery is to remove fat and tissue underneath the eyes. Tissue that causes puffiness or large bags under the eyes that give a person the appearance of looking tired.

An incision is done directly below the lower eyelashes to cut any appearance of scarring. Excess fat, skin and other tissues are trimmed through the small incisions.

The surgeon may also opt to redistribute some existing fat to reduce the chance of uneven swelling. A transconjunctival blepharoplasty is a type of lower eyelid surgery in which the incisions are made inside the lower eyelid.

It is typically best for patients that do not need excess skin removed (only fat under the eyes) and have naturally thicker skin. The double eyelid surgery removes the extra skin on the upper eyelids. Also removes the bags and puffiness under the eyes.

The droopy eyelid surgery recovery is fast and simple. It will only need pads covering your eyelids until 3 hours after surgery. The stitches are removed 5 days later.

Double Eyelid Surgery Cost

If you see Double Eyelid Surgery Before After pictures you can see how the appearance of the patient is improved. Providing a fresher and younger look!

Getting a double eyelid surgery can improve the full appearance of the face. It makes patients appear younger, and boost confidence. Also, upper eyelid surgery can help patients that have vision impairments due to drooping upper eyelids. The surgery is low-risk, short, and simple. Even better, the results are long-lasting and make patients look naturally younger.

In addition, blepharoplasty can be combined with other treatments to reduce the signs of aging.

Our doctor can also perform male blepharoplasty. We strive to let each patient design his or her own experience when getting plastic surgery in Cancun, Mexico.

How much is eyelid surgery?

The cost of an eyelid lift surgery is less in Mexico than in the United States. you can save up to 60% compared to your home surgeon plastic surgery prices or fees.

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