Lower Body Lift

The Lower body lift before and after results show great improvement. Is ideal for people looking for a post-bariatric plastic surgery that can address their body contouring surgery options.

A body lift can improve the tone and shape of underlying tissue which supports skin and fat. The full body lift removes excess sagging skin and fat to treat conditions caused by poor tissue elasticity. A body lift works by repairing loose, sagging skin which has no elasticity.

Poor skin elasticity reasons include extreme weight loss, pregnancy, sun damage, and genetic factors.

This lack of elasticity causes visible sagging around the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. In turn, it can cause self-consciousness and sometimes discomfort or mobility issues.

A lower body lift can be done in the abdominal area, extending around the sides and into the lower back area. It can be done to low, flat or unevenly-shaped buttocks, or in a groin sagging into the inner thigh. The inner, outer and anterior thigh can have a body lift or even the whole circumference of the thigh.

How to get rid of loose skin after weight loss?

A lower body lift tightens loose skin after weight loss. In particular the sagging skin below the waistline.

Loose skin is caused by weight fluctuation, dramatic weight loss (post bariatric) or natural aging. The body lift surgery will tighten and sculpt the outer thighs, the backs of the thighs, buttons, hips, and abdomen.

Any loose skin which causes mobility problems can be removed. You might be a good candidate for a lower body lift if you are near your ideal weight. You can have it before or after an upper body lift, or just by itself. Mann of people opts for this type of loose skin surgery every year with delightful results.

A Lower body lift can correct:

Sagging skin on your lower body
The overhanging skin on your lower body which causes rashes, chafing or infection.
Excess skin that decreases your mobility
A lower body lift might be able to correct these problems.

Perhaps you have thin layers of fat below the skin in the thigh, button, hip, or abdomen areas. These results in sagging skin. Or you have had dramatic weight loss due to dieting or bariatric surgery causing the same loose skin. Pregnancy can be another cause.

A lower body lift can remove this loose skin and sculpt your contours. The post-bariatric surgery can help you see the results of your weight loss and boost your self-esteem. The scar is hidden in the bikini line.

The body contouring surgery will reshape your body. By reducing fat, and lifting and tightening the underlying skin matrix, , you will get a buttock lift and shape it also.

The overlying skin will is reduced and smoothed for a pleasing result.

Aging, gravity and significant weight loss can cause sagging skin. The skin also loses elasticity as part of the natural aging process.

A body lift is an excess skin removal surgery and will help you contour your body. The procedure also shapes the affected areas with liposuction. Such as the lower torso and upper thigh region, including the waist, thighs, hips, buttocks, and/or abdomen.

The procedure also includes a liposuction. This surgery after weight loss is the perfect solution for post-bariatric patients. Also ideal for people wanting an excess skin removal surgery.
Candidates for a Belt Lipectomy

Good candidates for the total body lift surgery have loose skin sagging from the abdomen, buttocks, hips, and thighs. Perhaps because they have lost a lot of weight via diet and exercise or because they had a gastric band fitted.

When this happens you find your self in the need for loose skin surgery. Because the skin does not fit around the body’s curves anymore. Instead, it just hangs off and then a belt lipectomy is ideal.

The full body lift surgery varies because every patient has their own requirements. A lower body lift is a body contouring surgery. It involves an incision made at the waistline which extends around the waist and lowers back.

The saggy skin gets lifted and the abdominal muscles are also repaired. Saggy, excess skin is then removed.

Sometimes the tissue is sculpted to support the body’s new curves. If the body lift includes thighs and buttocks, another incision might is open at the crease in the buttocks.

Some patients have liposuction as well as the lower body lift procedure. This depends on your exact requirements and will be discussed with the surgeon beforehand. Liposuction removes excess fat but many body lift patients have already lost the fat and are just left with sagging skin.

Lower Body Lift Recovery
This procedure is performed under nerve blocks and IV Sedation. You will also need to stay in the hospital overnight. The results are dramatic and immediately and they will keep improving as your body heals from the belt lipectomy surgery.

You will need to rest as much as you can after surgery, restricting unnecessary movements. The surgical bandages will be left in place until the surgeon decides to remove them. Any pain or discomfort you might feel can be treated with medications. Follow the advice your surgeon gives you for the best outcome.

How much activity level you can do in the weeks afterward a Lower body lift?

Depends on many factors including the type of body lift you had and whether any other procedures were done at the same time. It also depends on how fast your body heals and that varies from patient to patient. Movement helps to promote drainage which is good because the drains can come out sooner. But you should bear in mind movement might be uncomfortable or even painful straight after the surgery.

360 Body Lift, The Ultimate Solution For Post Bariatric Surgery
Patients who have lost a significant amount of weight and are left with excess, saggy skin or fat pockets might wish to consider body contouring surgery for a better shape and tone. The 360 body lift is done to remove skin and fat from the midsection of the body.

The incision might be made along the lower abdomen, in the back or over the hips, depending on what the patient needs. The muscles are then tightened in the abdomen, buttock area, and outer leg, and excess fat and skin are removed to produce a slimmer, smoother contour. The results should be natural-looking.