Skin Removal Surgery, The Lower Body Lift

Cosmetic surgery can be used to remove the excess skin. The Skin Removal Surgery can be a solution for patients needing post-bariatric plastic surgery.

For decades, obesity has been growing at an epidemic rate worldwide. With all the available technology, people often search for weight loss surgery. Bariatric surgery, such as gastric bypass is chosen by many as a permanent weight loss solution.

Bariatric surgery is an effective way to stay off being overweight. After a bariatric surgery, one can lose weight fast. But, losing weight in a short period of time can lead to the excess of skin. The skin loose its own elasticity and hangs off the patient’s body.

When a patient gains weight, his or her skin will expand to contain the fat the body produces.

Over time, the skin can lose its elasticity. Mostly when the weight becomes excessive and stays that way for years.

Skin Removal SurgeryIn this cases, the skin and the underlying tissue will not revert to its original size or shape.

The excess of loose skin is unpleasant to look and feel to the patient. It causes discomfort and troubles movement. This is where skin removal surgery (loose skin surgery) comes in.

A body lift or lower body lift is also known as 360 Tummy Tuck.

The skin removal surgery was a technique developed by Dr. Ted Lockwood. Unfortunately, most all health insurance providers will not pay for the expenses.


The board certified plastic surgeon makes an incision to remove the excess or sagging skin from the abdominal area.

The plastic surgeon lifts and tightens the skin as well. Including hips, waist, arms, thighs, and abdomen in the same procedure. With a liposuction removes the excess of fat and improves the contour of the body.

The skin removal surger improves the shape and tone of underlying tissue. It also removes the excess of sagging skin and fat that follows the weight loss after a bariatric surgical procedure.

After excessive weight loss, there will be excess skin remaining. The loose skin needs to be removed and tightened. Skin removal surgery can help the patient recover the body contour. 

The “lower body lift“, is a major plastic surgery that trims or removes the excessive drooping skin and fat right around the whole abdominal area.

The lower bodd lift is a body contouring surgery  that improves the shape of the patient.