All about Thigh Lift Surgery

This procedure is done to correct loose or sagging skin on the inner and outer thighs. A thigh lift can also remove excess fatty deposits, improving the contours of the upper leg. Excess skin is reduced during this surgery and sometimes also fat is removed. Resulting in the skin which is smoother and contours which are more attractive and proportioned. Thigh lift surgery can be performed at the same time as some other cosmetic surgery procedures.

Regular workout and a balanced diet help. But the only way to get thighs with a rejuvenated look is with a thigh lift. The surgery makes your thighs look firmer and younger.

Our thighs naturally lose tone as we get older because of the combined effects of aging, fluctuations in weight, gravity, and a loss of skin elasticity. Patients might have folds, excess fat and cellulite they wish to get rid of. Especially in the inner thighs where folded and hanging skin can be bothersome. The back of the thighs and outer thighs can also be affected, and in some cases also around the inner side of the knees.

How is the thigh lift surgery Done

Illustration that shows the incision and scars of a thigh lift surgery

This is how a thigh lift is done

A general anesthetic is required for a thigh lift and the total time in surgery is about 3 hours. The plastic surgeon cuts in the groin under the bikini line, so it is very inconspicuous. The cut sometimes heals wide and dark but then gets less noticeable over time.

With the help of liposuction, the plastic surgeon removes excess fat deposits in the thighs and legs. Then a crescent of skin is removed high up in the groin. This loosens the tissues below, the surgeon will pull up the skin edges and stitch. There is less of a tendency for the skin to fall down because deep stitches are secured to the ligaments and bone.

The length of the incision various because it depends how much loose skin is to be removed, although removing 5 to 10 inches is not unusual. Drains are left in for 2 days, and these are comfortable to wear and can be removed without pain. A light compression garment and dressings are used for several days.

What to Expect Following the Surgery

Although some people go home after several hours, it is usually better to stay overnight. It is possible to shower a couple of days later when the drains have been removed. Pain is minimal, only lasts a couple of days, and can easily be controlled with medications. You can expect mild to moderate swelling for a few days which will then go down over the next few weeks.

You might have a little bruising but most patients do not. A bit of grogginess is typical and will last for about a week, and you can resume a lot of activities within a week, and most activities within 2 or 3 weeks after the surgery. Ten days after the thigh lift, the stitches can come out. You will need to take a week off of work but you will not have to stay in bed.

The final results of a thigh lift surgery are proportionate, tightened thighs. You will feel more confident especially in jeans, tight clothing and sportswear. Although the results of a thigh lift are long-lasting, you might experience weight loss or continued sagging. Later, you can consider a touchup procedure.

If you only want to remove excess fat and you have good skin elasticity, you will probably just need liposuction. If you want to do that but also tighten up the thigh area, you might wish to consider a thigh lift.